1.) The people who stab you in the back are the ones who you trusted enough to have your back to in the first place.
2.) Nothing lasts forever.
3.) People leave, even if you don’t want them too and it leaves you awake in bed crying at 3am, they will leave.
4.) Things change but memories don’t although sometimes you’ll wish that they did.
5.) Boys will kiss your lips and whisper sweet nothings in your ear and leave you feel like you got ran over, gasping for air when they say the words you never thought you’d hear.
6.) No matter how much trust you put into someone, they will always break it at least once.
7.) It’s never going to be you against the world, it’ll always be you against yourself.
8.) There will always be a shoulder to cry on when you need it, just sometimes it’s not the most obvious person.
9.) Someone will always understand, there is over 7 billion people on this planet, someone will always understand what you’re going through.
10.) Things chance, for the better or worse. Things will go up and down and it’ll seem like it’s mostly down because when you are hurting and sad, the happy times are painful to remember. But there is just as much good in your life as there is bad, you just need to face the pain, and find it.

Love yourself, because nobody is gonna do it.

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